Muntingia calabura aka “Jamaica Cherry”, “Strawberry Tree Tree




A gracefully branched evergreen shrub with glossy dark green foliage and handsome cinnamon-colored bark. Masses of white flowers yield bright, edible strawberry-like fruits. A fuss-free plant for year-round interest in western gardens. Use as a small specimen tree to anchor a border, or create an informal hedge.


This handsome evergreen shrub can be grown as a large shrub or multi-trunk small tree, and is best planted where its ruddy, peeling bark can be admired as it matures. Use as a striking year-round focal point in a large waterwise border or on a front bank. Plant in pairs to flank an entryway path; space at least five feet from a patio or path to allow natural, artistic branching to develop and avoid need for pruning. Position three or five, randomly spaced along a back fence or property line to create visual interest. The twisted branching and dark green foliage create an attractive and easy backdrop for lower shrubs, grasses or groundcovers. Plant en masse to create an informal, minimal-care hedge. Flowers and fruit often appear at the same time. Cut stems and boughs make appealing centerpieces for fall and holiday tables, when the flowers and fruit are in prime season.


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