Coco plum Tree




Coco Plum Trees are know to grow very quickly into a large bush or small tree in inland areas. However they will also grow in dwarf costal forms on drained coastal ares. Cocoplums are most common and grow wild in the South Florida region.

The Cocoplum is distinctive in its foliage as its almost compleatly round, shiny, leathery to the touch. With dark green leaves they are are great for ornamental plants.

Coastal cocoplums often refered to as horizontal or dwarf cocoplums. They are often more wind and salt tolarent. The edible plum will produce white and pink in color. In spring and early summer the flowers of the coco plum are small and white with fruit developing at the end of summer. These cocoplums are then utilized for honey production.

The fruit from a inland Cocoplum is dark purple like a plum fruit and is edible. Inland cocoplums will also tolerate short periods of inundation.

Both coastal and inland cocoplums will grow in both full sun and shaded areas.They will become more drought tolerant after establishment.

A popularer cultivar is the red tip cocoplum. they have a coppery colored new growth and is not considured native to the state of Florida.

Something to consider with purchasing this plant is that they are very frost sensitive. However they are widely used as native ornamental plants. Coco plum plants are very easy to grow and are prunable. Coco plumbs are are often used as common hedges in South Florida as they don’t grow fast so trimming is minimal when compared to other plants such as the Ficus hedge.


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