Chocolate Pudding Plant Cutting (Black Sapote Diospyros Nigra)




Chocolate Pudding Plant Cutting (Black Sapote Diospyros Nigra)

Diospyros nigra, the black sapote, is a species of persimmon. Common names include chocolate pudding fruit, black oapapple and (in Spanish) zapote prieto. The tropical fruit tree is native to eastern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and into Colombia. The common name is sapote refers to any soft, edible fruit. Black sapote is not related to white sapote nor mamey sapote. Mature trees can grow to over 82 ft (25 m) in height and are evergreen. It is frost sensitive but can tolerate light frosts. The leaves are elliptic-oblong, tapered at both ends, dark green, glossy and 3.9 – 11.8 in (30 cm) long. Some trees bear only male flowers. Others have both male and female flowers, though some of these are self-incompatible. Fruiting takes about 3-4 years from seed and the trees are heavy bearers. Black sapote fruit are tomato-like and measure 2 – 4 in (5 – 10 cm) in diameter, with an inedible skin that turns from olive to dark brownish when ripe and a pulp which is white and inedible when unripe but assumes a flavor, color and texture often likened to chocolate pudding when ripe. Fruits usually contain seeds, up to a maximum of 12. The ripe fruit is described as having the taste and consistency of chocolate pudding. Black sapote trees are normally found below 600 meters, but are not particular about soil, and can tolerate light frosts. They are sensitive to drought, requiring irrigation in dry areas, but are quite tolerant of flooding. The tree grows fairly slowly for the first 3-4 years, perhaps just 1 foot/year for the first couple of years. Later however it grows much more rapidly.

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