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Akuamma Seeds USA Ship – USPS

Akuamma seeds or Picralima Nitida is an herbal medicine used in different part of Africa as a painkiller. The seeds contain various types of alkaloids which include akuammine and pericine. These alkaloids possess skeletal muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-diarrheal, antimicrobial, antipyretic, antiplasmodial and antiulcer activities.

This beneficial alkaloid accounts for 0.56% percent of the dried akuamma powder that people purchase from online vendors and other sources. Akuamma has risen to the forefront of the nootropic movement because it is a powerful alternative to other, harsher substances.

Traditionally, Akuamma seeds have been used medicinally in West Africa to treat a number of conditions. Little is known about its precise origins, but it is generally understood that Akuamma was used in tropical regions of Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, etc.) as a folk medicine.

These seeds are crushed and taken in powdered form, but they have a very bitter taste so usually they are capsulated and sold under the name Picap. The powdered form of seeds can be mixed with food too.

Akuamma contains alkaloids which give various effects to the body. These are the alkaloids present in Akuamma:

Akuammidine, Akuammigin, Akuammine, Pseudo-akuammigine, Akuammicine, Burnamin, Desacetylakuammiline, Pericine, Picraline, Picraciine, Picraphylline, Picranitine, and many others.

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